Harry Potter: Harry Potter’s Wand ~ light painting wand


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Harry’s Light Painting Wand.
Each wand features an ultra-bright LED light-up tip, which is activated by a hidden button on the handle of the wand. In itself this is an authentic wand replica when activated, but the real magic begins when you download the free WOW! Stuff Light Painting App onto your smartphone or tablet. Use the app to film yourself, or other wizards and witches, as they use the wand in low light to produce extraordinary images!

Paint your name in the sky, draw your own Petronus, replicate dueling battles or recreate scenes and practice your best ‘expelliarmus’, ‘stupefy’ and ‘expecto patronum’ spells!

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Harry Potter’s LIGHT-UP WAND: Cast wand spells like Harry Potter with the best light up wand for spell training and artistic light creations! The perfect wand for any wizard, witch or Harry Potter fan!


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